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Leadership Support - Legal & Ethical Issues Faculty

Starts: 05-09-2023
Location: Online Opportunity

Note:  All necessary volunteers are scheduled


The ACN Faculty Leadership Teams are established to lead the engagement of their Faculty, to connect DLFs, Fellows, Alumni and Members.

Each Faculty has a Chair and a Deputy Chair position whose primary objectives are to represent ACN as subject matter experts in regard to policy, decision making and member advocacy.

Their secondary roles are to support their faculty members with career progression and professional development, fostering a sense of belonging and membership loyalty, as well as strengthening the relationship between members of the Faculty and ACN.

To support these 2 positions, the team also consists of 2 x Leadership Support Positions who work alongside the chairs to achieve their priorities and strategies.

The Legal & Ethical Issues Faculty is currently seeking a motivated person to join their leadership team in a Leadership Support capacity.

Their role will be to assist with increasing faculty member engagement through the organising and facilitating of CPD events, consultation practices, networking events and general communication to members. They will also assist with implementing significant policy agendas and encouraging other members to become further involved with their professional body.

It is estimated that this role will require approximately 3-6 hours per week dedicated to supporting the Faculty.

If you feel that you meet the following criteria, please click on the Apply Today! button above.

Support Role Criteria

  • Current ACN member and a commitment to maintaining ACN membership throughout the position tenure
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to contribute positively to both ACN's Strategic Direction and Engagement Strategy
  • Self-motivated, with a willingness to learn new skills and ways of working
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues in nursing and health care aligned to the Faculty's relevant areas of practice
  • Good interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Completion of, or commitment to completing, the ACN Representation Online Learning Module

Information about the Legal & Ethical Issues Faculty can be found here.

Please ensure that you complete the ACN Representation Module to be considered for this representation opportunity.

Tenure period for this position is two (2) years.

Representation Opportunity:

1 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


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